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Wanna Pick Up Girls? Don’t Make These Mistakes

When dealing with women, most man makes some cardinal mistakes. Now I am going to focus on how men view seducing women in a wrong way.

1) You can have beautiful women only if you are good-looking.

Yes, looks do help… And yes, provided everything else is equal, a woman is going to choose the better looking guy. But with women looks are on a lower priority than they are for us guys. If she has to choose between a good looking… but boring, stupid, insensitive, bad lover, who’s insecure… and a confident, charismatic, fun, cool guy that happens to look average… She’ll choose the average looking dude. Now, unless you’re blind, you’ve probably seen a ton of examples like this. There’s a ton of average looking guys with super-hot girls everywhere you look.

2) Feeling that you have to be either too nice to women, or too much of a jerk

Let’s get something clear here. Being a boring nice guy or a macho jerk are both bad things. Nice guys simply try too hard with women, which turns the women off. On the other extreme, jerks, tend to be too abusive towards the women, which ends up in a lot of fights and hurt feelings in the relationship.

Sometimes, guys that have mostly been nice guys turn to the other extreme when they get feed up. Sometimes that will work, especially when the nice guy embraces the positive qualities of the jerk, like confidence and charisma. And that is the exact reason why women like jerks more than the nice guys. They enjoy their cool personality aspects. That is the perfect combination to a women. The best of both worlds.

3) Doing too much to get women to like you

Men think that they have to earn the women they want. They also act like it. Like they have to work very hard in order to win them over. I mean, that is what you see in most movies and TV shows. Women are not some logical computer program. You can’t order or persuade them to like you, especially by using some sneaky tricks and by trying to impress them. Think of it this way. There was probably a woman in your life that liked you more than a friend, but that you only saw as a friend. I will presume that there was almost NOTHING she could do to make you like her. You simply weren’t attracted to her. Well, the same stands for women also.

So, I think you get the gist of it, but, if you’re still confused, you can always just head over to the pick up quiz, and get personalized advice on how to proceed. Or just check out my general pickup girls website.