Crazy Things People Do For Love

When there is an opportunity for a man to please his woman, regardless of what challenge lies in his way male instinct kicks in. The beast that can often lay dormant comes forth and will take on any opponent and will attempt to become a real life super hero in an effort to win the approval and admiration from the one he is programmed to protect.

Anything a man can do to earn points from his girl he will do it. This certainly includes being available night and day as a personal chauffer. At first us guys are more than happy to come to the aid of our sweetheart to lend a helping hand with transport for the odd appointment at the beauty salon, or to pick her up from a night out with friends. And besides, it gives us a chance to show off our car, and how cool our stereo sounds. (like she really cares!) But when she starts asking to have her Mum driven around too, that’s just not on!

Guys often assume that the best way to their ladies heart is to dissemble an involvement in some of her hobbies.

Your woman is always raving about how she loves her regular Yoga sessions, and of course we respond with “I’ve always wanted to try Yoga” (yeah right!) Before we know it we are out shopping for a pair of men’s leotards. “Oh the shame if any of my friends could see me.”

In any normal situation that involves a physical altercation, most rational men will know when they should walk away putting their personal safety first. However when our woman is present, all rationality goes out the window and impressing her seems to become the only priority.

Relocating our existing life for love – technology has changed the landscape of love.

According to a publication by a leading Australian online dating site, 58% of singles look for romance online. As a result, men and women from different regions, states and countries are leaving their lives behind and relocating in the name of love! We give up our careers and lifestyles in the pursuit to be with the woman that we equate the situation to be a result of fate stepping in.

You become her ken doll – men are very persuadable when it comes to our style of wardrobe. We try to convince ourselves that we really do look better – or should we say, she has convinced us that we look better by owning loads of Tarro Cash shirts (that we know we will never wear more than once) or by buying that constellated Laguna Beach hat. The girls love to play the game of dress-up, and of course how can we possibly say no!