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Can I Forgive My Ex Boyfriend For Cheating?

Little girls dream of wedding days, their first house, cars, pretty dresses, and fluffy pink bunnies. They do not dream about forgiving ex boyfriends for cheating on them. It just doesn’t happen for the average young woman. There are all kinds of situations in life for which we have contingency plans and yet one of those is not dealing with a cheating ex.

Cheating always gives heartaches to someone especially when they are in love. It’s causing so much pain and disappointment to a girl knowing that she won’t get any security from her boyfriend anymore. That will also leave her no choice but to end it all despite the years and years they’ve been with each other and the things that they have gone through together.

Or if once forgiven, she will have little trust for him if they are back in each other’s arms. In this situation, a thing called forgiveness shouldn’t be planned; it should go through a lot of emotional process whether her boyfriend will do it again in the future.

So, here you are in that dreadful situation and you have no idea how to respond. More importantly, you aren’t sure if you are even capable of forgiving your boyfriend for cheating much less moving on with the relationship and trying to work things out. It’s definitely understandable.

Only you can answer that question. But here are a couple of questions you might want to ask yourself before you decide.

1. Can your boyfriend forgive you if you cheated on him? I’m sure that you will have your own explanations as well, but can he really give you another chance? Understand that his reasons may not be the same as yours when it comes to cheating. He may be fulfilled with your relationship and gets sidetracked by an affection of other women. Sit down and talk to him about how you two can regain a healthy relationship and trust. You might also need some counseling.

2. Do you think he would never do it again? Do you believe he is sincere in asking for a second chance? Remember the things that made him do it. Don’t just consider the years that you’ve been with each other. Take time to reflect on how to correct past mistakes. If you are having a hunch that he is cheating again, make some ways to know the truth.

Do not ask him questions that may lead back to you. It will only show that you don’t trust him, and if he gets paranoid, it would only change his behavior and do some covering, then you will never find a chance to catch him.

So many people in your shoes shoot first and ask questions later. Don’t make the same mistakes:

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