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Budget Dating | How To Attract Women Tips

Dating can sometimes feel like a high-stakes game, especially if we’re on a tight budget. In these trying economic times, try a different approach to dating. After all, spending quality time together doesn’t have to mean spending more than we should.

Fortunately, there are ways you can have a great date on a budget:

Go outdoors – Having a mutual experience is a great way to bond. Look for a nice hike or bike ride or just go out and take a stroll in the park. Outdoor settings can be perfect for spending a relaxed time together and really getting to know each other better.

Pack a Picnic – Wining and dining doesn’t have to break the banknot if you pack a picnic lunch.

You can find plenty of wonderful wines for well under $10. Add a few sandwiches, cheese, fruit, cookies (and don’t forget the blanket!), and you’ve got an impressive spread.

Order films on PPV – Pay-per-View movies always feature hot new releases. Instead of spending tens of dollars on move tickets, scan your cable for a good movie you would both enjoy and order it on PPV. Get some popcorn, dim the lights and you have a great movie experience at a fraction of the cost.

Be at the Beach – If you both have a day off, you can make it a beach day. What a warm and intimate atmosphere for a date. You can take a cooler along with refreshments or opt for a cocktail at a local beach hangout. And who doesn’t love a sunset walk on the beach?

Add Some Culture – If you’re both into the arts or are trying to be, you may want to check out an art gallery within your area.

Or, find out about local arts and crafts shows or outdoor community concerts. You might have to pay a nominal fee or it could even be free and certainly fun.

You don’t have to worry about money when you’re dating. The main idea is to find nice activities that you can do together so that you can get to know one another. Good luck!

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