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Single party – why not
Party fun with a flirtatious character – a single party is a great way to look for a partner with complete ease.

Coupling with fun

If you feel superfluous at normal parties without a partner, you’ll get their money’s worth at a single party. Here stand alone in almost every age group. Everyone has the same goal: having fun, flirting and maybe finding a partner for life here.

In almost all major cities, these events are now held regularly and enjoy increasing popularity. Venues are discos, concert halls or large pubs. Often, certain age groups or similar interests are brought together. Such events are, for example, under the motto “Over 30” or “Single Rock”.

This is to ensure that the target group is sufficiently homogeneous and the Flirterfolge are as high as possible. Each guest on a single party receives a so-called flirt number and a kind of mailbox at the information booth, where the flirt messages and contact requests can be left.

A speaker announcement will periodically tell who’s waiting for new messages. Of course, if this is too cumbersome, then a conversation can start right away. You do not necessarily have to go to a single party alone. If you do not dare, you can also go out together with a good single friend or a good friend, who is also in a flirty mood.

Single is not always single

Not every guest is really single or seriously looking for a partner. Some participants are on a unique adventure or just want to have fun and celebrate.

Also some frustration candidates are found again and again, who want to let off steam after a fight with the partner at home. Happy to also bachelor parties leave here. One should therefore be careful not to attend with too great expectations of a single party.

Much more important is the fun factor: dancing, music, revelry, celebrations and of course flirting. You definitely get to know a lot of new people – and maybe something serious will come of it.