Do you get attached too quickly?

Some of us can show this tendency to let our emotions lead our lives; and this can definitely be applied to the world of dating. Whilst one person will find it easy not to fall in love on the first date; others show less restraint and let it all out the minute they meet that new partner. The truth is that when it comes to matters of the heart, you’re better off trying to control your emotions as you never know where those might take you. It’s all well and good to get the most loving person; but it won’t help you seeing straight in most situations.

Too emotional

Some of us are suckers when it comes to romance, and this can sometimes have a negative impact on our lives. We live in a world where only the strong survive, and showing too much emotions can make us appear weak to others. When putting this in the context of a relationship; those who get attached too quickly are those who get the most hurt when a relationship ends. Also the same type of person will tend to blame themselves for everything; which is not a realistic way to see things. But it is one thing to which for more clarity in our feelings; and it’s another thing to actually properly control our mind set.

Try something different

First things first; you won’t get a grip on your emotions from one day to the other; it is something you will have to work on. As long as you always put yourself in the same situation then you are bound to relive the same mistakes; so why not try something different to take you out of your comfort zone? For example you could try doing a bit of adult dating by looking at NSA sex sites. What is NSA you might ask? It’s not the National Security Agency; what it means in terms of dating is: No Strings Attached. The expression if quite self-explicit, it shows the idea of having sex with someone without bringing further emotions onto the table. This could allow you to get your head around the concept of sleeping with someone; having a good time and then giving you the ability to move on from that person onto the next. This is the best way to learn how to brush your emotions aside.

No disrespect

Of course you might think that the whole concept is a bit disrespectful towards your partners; but the reality is that they are expecting just that: to have a good time and move on. They will appreciate the time spent with you but they will not expect anything further; so you won’t be upsetting them by moving on. You can still be the nicest person and be considerate towards their needs; in fact this will make you a better lover for it! Just be yourself but let go of all that emotional baggage you’re carrying; and have a good time; you deserve it!