Singles in German cities Singles in German cities

In Germany there are more and more people living without a permanent partner. Whether voluntary or involuntary – especially in the big cities, the number of single people seems to be increasing. In Berlin alone, every second household today is a single household. And this despite the fact that the German capital offers so many places and opportunities for single people to meet other people. In other cities, the number of singles is similar. But the singles in Berlin, Munich and Hamburg differ from each other, as a survey of a German dating agency has revealed. If you are looking for a flirtation in one of these cities, you should pay attention to the regional characteristics.

Singles in Berlin

If you want to score points at the Single Treff in the capital, you have the best chance with a highly-paid job. According to the survey, 37 percent of the Berlin singles attach importance to the fact that their partner has a respected profession. Perhaps this view is still an impact of the financial crisis.

The metropolis on the Spree also seems to be the capital of the flirting muffle. According to their own statements, only 35 percent of the Berlin singles surveyed like to flirt frequently and visit single events where they can cook together or get to know other single people better at party games. According to their own statements, every second surveyed capital city single spends a lot of time alone, but 48 percent want a partner who gives them a sense of security.

Munich singles

Munich is clearly the flirting mermaids of Germany. The singles in the Bavarian state capital show a very distinctive Flirtverhalten to the day. According to the survey, about 40 percent of the singles there like to do it often. And otherwise, it seems the single person in the Bavarian capital to go well. Only 27 percent of the solos surveyed often feel lonely. 9 out of 10 Munichers would also like to have a lot of time alone in a relationship. Physical closeness, on the other hand, seems to have a very high priority for the Bavarian singles. More than every second Munich single likes to think about sex often.

Flirting in Hamburg

North Germans are universally considered introverted and cool. On the Hamburg singles these clich├ęs do not seem to apply completely. According to the survey, 38 percent of them are happy to be friendly and flirtatious. This places the Hanseatic metropolis behind Munich in second place among the most flirtatious cities in Germany. Unlike the people of Munich, however, the North German singles do not seem to think about sex that often. 43 percent of respondents spend their free time with parents, siblings and friends. With their potential partner in the dream, the Hanseatic towns attach particular importance to similarities. For example, around 60 percent of respondents in Hamburg stated that joint activities with their partner are important to them.