Dating Over 40, Supercharged! | How To Attract Women Tips

Over 40? Dating again? AARP years? Yeah Right! This is the best time to be dating.
Let’s analyze the situation. Dating after 40 means single women are all over the town. You got some dinero and at least some confidence. Life Rocks!

Huge pool of horny, wealthy women.

Dating after 40? Great! Single divorced chicks are in abundance. They divorced their old men and they can’t remember last time they had sex.

You will be amazed how sexually aggressive they are. Also they have money, loads of it. They got the house, the car, the dog and all of his pension fund.

Are you that guy that got screwed over by the lawyer? Well it’s time to get even. Let’s date that rich chick and take

HER for all she’s worth! (just joking, kind of)

Get excited about dating over 40

Embrace this era. Don’t be timid. Make peace with your past and regroup, this is an amazing time in your life. Think of it as round 2. Every date will be new and different and will add an element of excitement to your life. An element that probably has been missing for a long time.

Preparation is key

Get in shape, buy new clothes and lose the mini van. Throw out the old pictures and start taking new ones. Get your apartment ship shape cause you’re going to have visitors.

Wash your sheets and grab some condoms. Join a dating service. What types of women do you want to date? Be picky or you will be bummed. Do you like younger women? Older? Multiple? figure it out.

Let’s wrap it up, dating over 40 concluded

You will encounter many new challenges with dating over 40. Bring on some new friends. Your social spots are not the usual bars and clubs. You need to join some singles events, check out wine tasting and take on some new hobbies.
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