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In the gondola through Venice
The Italian city with its waterways and narrow streets is always worth a visit for lovers of all ages.

Charm, romance and love

It is not for nothing that Venice is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. The small streets with the old cobblestones radiate a unique southern charm, which hardly a pair of lovers can escape. Here, far away from the hustle and bustle of the crowds, you can enjoy the classic espresso in small caf├ęs or taste the local specialties in fine restaurants.

The architecture of the city with canals is very original. At almost every corner there is something new to discover and marvel at.

Classic sights

There are no taxis or buses – in Venice you either walk or move with the gondolas or taxi gondolas on the canals. If you are in Venice, you can not help but visit the famous bridges. By gondola on the Grand Canal you pass the Rialto Bridge and admire many other historic buildings.

The legendary Bridge of Sighs stretches across the Rio de Palazzo. Again, the shore is lined with beautiful architecture. Piazza San Marco, Piazza San Marco, is a must for lovers of Venice. The large square with the bell tower and the guarding Markus Lion is a unique and beautiful setting for romantic souvenir photos.

Romantic gondola rides

Gondola rides are very popular, not only for lovers. The prices are correspondingly high. It is highly recommended to trade the starting price here. So you can save up to fifty percent of the originally requested price.

It’s best to make gondola rides early in the morning or in the evening. At lunchtime it is so full on the canals that the romance suffers. Many gondoliers offer romantic rides with candlelight or lantern in the evenings. Here, however, a not too small surcharge is required.

It is difficult to make a choice in the variety of restaurants and cafes. The restaurants in the small side streets are a lot cheaper than those near the famous sights. The best way to ask for a romantic ride in a gondola the gondolier for a secret.