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In 7 minutes to the new partner
Flirting fast, coming to the point quickly – Speed-dating is not much lamenting, but facts are exchanged.

In 7 minutes fortunately

The originating from the US short version of getting to know is subject to strict rules. In small groups of a maximum of ten persons, men and women come together to present themselves as positively as possible in the shortest possible time.

The whole thing takes place under guidance. You sit at tables opposite and may, when the start signal sounds, begin the interview. After the time has expired, the partner will be changed.
After completing all the rounds, each player decides for himself which of the interlocutors he wants to meet again and informs the organizer of this on a contact sheet. If there are matches, the contact details are transmitted and you meet again on your own initiative.

Real Life or Internet

Speed ​​Dating is now also available online. Here is not talked but chatted, also under time limit. If your chat partner does not like it, you can just click away. As with the personal quick meeting, the anonymity is guaranteed even with the online speed chat.

Advantages and disadvantages

The benefits of speed dating are obvious. It’s fun, and you get to know many new people, at least superficially. There are no embarrassing situations or endless conversation breaks. You do not have to worry about locations and is committed to nothing. Speeddate lives from the first impression and is nothing with depth.

Really much of his counterpart is not experienced in the little time that is granted to one. Usually it is trivialities that are exchanged and that do not allow a full picture of each other’s character.
It can become almost boring if you ask the same questions every time and get almost the same answers. Rather, one orientates oneself therefore to externals and judges his counterpart after attractiveness and charisma.