Dating Tips For Ladies To Impress A Guy

Believe it or not, there are some women out there who are afraid of dating simply because they worry about not making a good impression on their first encounter with the opposite sex.

To help any such people out, here are some golden nuggets of wisdom that you may find useful.

1. Look good when going out that night. His first impression really does matter.
Hygiene shouldn’t be your only concern. Pick out a nice outfit that is both comfortable and appropriate for your date. Put on some perfume to add spice. Men won’t be able to resist a woman who looks absolutely stunning on a first date.

2. Make it a point not to be late, timeliness is key when it comes to any first date situation.
Getting ready may be a long process but try not to be late for the engagement. It may be fine to come a few minutes late to allow the man to loosen up a little, but don’t be too late.

3. Act lady-like and respectable.
Allow the man to act like a gentleman. Allow them to open doors for you and pull your chair for you. If he happens to do these things for you, don’t forget to thank him for it.

4. Offer to pay for your share of the date, even if you’re simply making a gesture.
This is always a respectable gesture, but if the man offers to pay for you, let him do it.

At the end of your date, allow him to take you home. The last part is up to you. If you choose to reward him with a kiss for showing you a great time, it’s all your decision.

Good luck and have fun!

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