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Speed ​​Hating – New date trend is screaming
Why always just show the chocolate side at the data rate Speed ​​Hating you can already test whether the potential partner frusttauglich.

Fully deflate

The bumpy alternative to speed dating comes from England. Instead of impressing his counterpart with pleasantries, no leaflet is made and unrestrainedly moaning, lamenting and bellowing – the louder the better.

The topics are relatively unimportant. It may go to trivialities such as the weather or traffic reports, it is scolded about the job, colleagues and the boss. You can also confidently complain about the ex-partner and money worries or pull over politics.

And last but not least, you can also wish each other the plague on your neck and throw the less irritating things at your dating partner’s head, which you noticed at first sight. Actually everything is allowed – except niceties. It does not have to be sophisticated, you do not have to choose your words wisely or think about them a lot. One simply argues for the sake of the dispute, either according to the organizer or cheerfully on. When changing the

Date partner is always a new fight from the fence broken, so you should have significantly reduced his potential aggression at the end of the event.

The positives of Speed ​​Hating

With this kind of getting to know one can quickly recognize the limits of the other. Also, there is no way to pretend and to bore his counterpart with phrases. Speed ​​Hating can be very funny and entertaining. It is definitely liberating and an amusing diversion that is in any case successful: Either you go home with new contact addresses, then argue a little further or at least in a fun way to free himself from his frustration.