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Single sayings – from sweet to bitter Single sayings – from sweet to bitter

Do you even know theseThese little, probably even nicely meant, advice and sayings that are pressed to one of forgiven friends? I would like to turn their backs on them each time … Believing that they are going to change my life. It should also be said that single sayings are yes not just work in one direction …!
If once again a well-meaning, extremely happy couple wants to give you advice, then you better leave an answer before.

Hopefully, with proper preparation, you will be able to fend off this unwanted encouragement. Who knows the feeling of being elected last in the team in school sports?

Something like this happens to me, when these over-night-wise-turned-nerve-couples suddenly give tips to find even “someone else”. But enough of the long preface: you will surely meet the following single spells sooner or later:

Single sayings that annoy
“You’re fine, you can do whatever you want.”
“Even stones that get in your way, you can build something beautiful!”

“If I found someone, you can do it.”
Single sayings that rock
“I’m single, because I do not like anyone else just someone, but someone special.”
“Love is the only fairytale that does not begin with” Once upon a time … “but ends with it.”
“Rather be single than in the wrong hands.”

My favorite: «Liba Single and a Schlingl as vergem and koala!» (Bavarian)
I really like the last one the best. What else can you do than humor it? Many of these single sayings are really bitter.

“Strange how a life can be shitty when only one person is missing” is pretty good.
But what would it make to say that? If I’m honest, I even think that a not to be despised portion of the “forgiven” feels just this emptiness, because the person by her side is simply not the right one. Sure, it is a happy moment, if you know again, who you can call drunk at night and above all may. But that’s why you’re not obligated to hell out of finding someone! At least you really do not have to listen to such spells.