Dating Tips For The Serious Man

Let’s face it, dating can be a battlefield for both men and women alike. Still, to be able to find the right person to share the future with, dating is an essential method both sexes use to test for compatibility and chemistry. Men interested in finding the woman to share their life with are really compelled to date.

Just to be clear, there is no fixed method to follow in order to date successfully. But there are simple and easy steps that in general, improve the chances for dating success.

Your looks.

Yes, women always observe the way you groom yourself. You do not have to change your physical appearance to please the lady, but you have to take time to look smart and presentable.

So how do you dress and prepare for a date?

First off, take a shower. Have a haircut if you need one. Shave. Cut your nails, brush and floss your teeth, and gargle. Then choose clothing that is appropriate to wherever you are taking your date. If it is a formal restaurant, then suit up. If it is more casual, however, then where something comfortable and elegant that speaks confidence.

Remember, confident people do not have to overdo it. Smell nice but don’t give your date a headache by reeking of strong perfume.

Tip number two – mind your manners. Be respectful and know the practice proper etiquette. Women don’t expect you to be perfect but chewing with your mouth open is not the way to impress a date. Be courteous and a gentleman.
Finally, listen to what your date has to say. Don’t monopolize the conversation and give her a chance to speak. If you are genuinely interested in her, then show her how much you like her by remembering the details of your conversation.

Learn to respond to her conversation to confirm that you were listening to what she was saying. This way you are letting her know that you value what is in her mind. Go out and meet more and more women by using these basic steps in getting to know the person. Good hunting!