Tips | Dating for singles styling tips

The perfect date outfit
Of course, everything should be consistent on the first date. Not only the location must be perfectly chosen, but also the personal outfit wants to be selected with care.

What do I wear?

With the anticipation of a date is also a certain positive stress preprogrammed. The expectations are high, you want to show your best and most attractive side and of course make a positive impression. The matching outfit helps to feel good about yourself, to put on stage and to enchant the other.
But that only works if one thing is observed: naturalness. Clothing and personality should form a harmonious unity. Nothing is worse than looking contrived. The outfit must be chosen so that it looks natural and actually fits your own type.

It does not make much sense to go shopping for the date. It is better to choose from his favorite clothes. Only then can you feel really comfortable.

Seduction or chat

Of course, the choice of outfit also depends on the intention with which the date has been agreed. If you are looking for a hot night, you should also dress accordingly sexy.
Here it may be like a knickknack mini, a generous neckline or the skin-tight jeans. If you want to tackle things slowly, a decent, but quite feminine look is appropriate. Clothes and skirts impress the most.

Make-up and more

Less is more: make-up should underline the personality, emphasize its merits and compensate for minor blemishes, but in no way transform the face into a mask. Perfume is desirable unless it smells too intrusive.
Better are light, fresh scents. Well-groomed, possibly also painted fingernails are a matter of course. The hairstyle should fit the type and look natural. Stringy hair or too much hairstyle styling is daunting. Accessories and jewelry should fit the overall look.