Deciding If It Is Worthy To Go On After He Cheated

Number one on that relationship disaster list of yours would most likely be in discovering that your man has cheated on you. For most women, they would believe that such is the case for other women. What an awful situation to entertain. Unluckily for us, gathered data has shown that about 60% of the male specie either have or will cheat on their wives or significant others upon by the age of 40.

With numbers like that it’s fairly likely that you’re not the only woman it’s happening to. That probably doesn’t make you feel much better that it’s happening to you now though. Nothing is likely to make you feel better about what’s going on.

In such moments, it is necessary that you make that all important decision even though you only care to make the most injurious way of castration for that man of your life. It is just but normal to entertain such ideas momentarily. But to hang around and contemplate without an end is not a good idea to take.

The decision you are to take is a tough one to make but it’s the one that all women in similar situation must come to terms with. “Would it be better to stay or should I go?” In deciding, you should not take it lightly. Either option you take, corresponding commitment has to be noted.

But you should be aware that a decision to stay and try to work things out ultimately leaves you with more options. If you are going to try to make the relationship work after he has cheated you aren’t bound to this commitment forever. But if you decide to call it quits it may not be a simple matter to change your mind at some point down the road.

Setting Ground Rules

New ground rules have to be discussed from the very start. Fooling around has to stop. It is a poison not only to either of you but more importantly to your relationship. What’s at stake here is not only limited to your emotional health. His extramarital activities also put at risk your physical well being as absolute safe sex does not exist whether you have all the precautions protecting you.

Be Heard and Take a Stand

Let that voice of yours be heard early on. In deciding to stay, you have not consented to be meek. Instead you have to take that stand and state load and clear those that are not acceptable in the days to come. Doing so even if against your normal tendencies is all for the sake of your relationship.

Warning! Don’t make one single move to try to get your ex girlfriend back until you’ve put step one: