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The Best Treatment for Sweaty Hands People who suffer from sweaty hands have probably heard the term “iontophoresis” at one time or another in connection with their condition. People who suffer from sweaty hands (or feet) are often referred by doctors to undergo iontophoresis treatment. Using iontophoresis to treat sweaty palms or hyperhidrosis is not something new. There are medical records from decades ago that have documented the practice before. But it is now becoming the popular means doctors use to treat hyperhidrosis, and it can also be used as a home remedy. Iontophoresis treatment works by sending out a tiny electrical current through water into the pores of your skin. The effect of the tiny amount of electricity which passes through the skin is that when it reaches the sweat glands it triggers a mechanism that makes it stop producing sweat. The weak electrical current is conducted to your hand through the water where your hands are submerged.
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This is how it is done: First, you place your hands in a shallow trays of water. Then the iontophoresis machine is connected to these shallow trays of water to deliver the tiny electrical signal. The machine will now be turned on in order for the tiny electrical current to be delivered. It takes about twenty minutes for your hands to be submerged under the water for the electrical current to take effect. In the beginning, this process will be repeated on a daily basis until your hyperhidrosis is already under control. Five to ten treatments will cure most cases of hyperhidrosis, but severe cases may take longer.
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It is surprising why some doctors have moved far away from iontophoresis treatment considering how effective it is. Some simply prescribe antiperspirants to treat sweaty palms, but these have largely been ineffective. Aside from the temporary solution that antiperspirants give, they also produce an unpleasant odor. And if the hyperhidrosis is severe, there is an expensive procedure called ETS surgery, but it has undesirable side effects. But iontophoresis is very safe as the electrical current being used for treatment is so weak it cannot cause any harm. Hyperhydrosis sufferers get a longer lasting relief through iontophoresis treatment than with any other remedies. When the treatment becomes successful, and the patient has been cured of sweaty palms, all that is needed is a maintenance treatment program, every three to four weeks, to ensure that the dry condition of his palms continues. There are commercially available iontophoresis machines globally, but in the US, a machine might cost around one thousand dollars. But if you want a machine at a very low cost, you can consider putting together an iontophoresis machine; it isn’t that difficult for someone who is experienced in electrical machines.

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